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William S. Burroughs with a copy of Naked Lunch at the Beat Hotel, 1959

What’s New

A review of the brilliant BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS by William S. Burroughs, newly published by Moloko Print.

Moloko Print has just put out three new must-have Burroughs books. The first is a new edition of Minutes to Go and the second is a new edition of The Exterminator — two foundational cut-up works which have been newly edited and contextualized by Oliver Harris. The third is a 1960 cut-up work titled BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS. Never before published, this “new” work has also been artfully assembled and edited by Oliver Harris. RealityStudio will feature more about these and the new edition of Dead Fingers Talk soon.

On the 61st anniversary of the book’s publication, RealityStudio is proud to share “Secrets of the Olympia Press Naked Lunch.” Pirates, print run, points of distinction — what you thought you knew about the publication history of Naked Lunch was wrong.

The new edition of Dead Fingers Talk: The Restored Text, edited and introduced by Oliver Harris, is available for preorder from the publisher Alma Books. Order now and you can get 30% off by using the coupon code DFT01 at checkout.

Professor Rob Johnson, author of The Lost Years of William S. Burroughs: Beats in South Texas and other works, contributes two texts. The first, “A Note on ‘The Great Peters’ in Burroughs’ Word,” explores a historical source for the hanging trope in Burroughs’ work. The second, “Old Arch,” is the last story completed by William S. Burroughs. It is reproduced from The Beatest State In The Union: An Anthology of Beat Texas Writings with the kind permission of James Grauerholz and the William S. Burroughs Estate.

Thomas Antonic contributes “The White Russian Countess: On Ilse Herzfeld Klapper and Her Marriage to William Burroughs,” an excerpt from his forthcoming book Amongst Nazis: William S. Burroughs in Vienna 1936/37 (Moloko Print, spring 2020)

Eric Shoaf presents an epic interview with Richard Aaron of Am Here Books. And unfortunately RealityStudio notes the passing of Eric Shoaf too.






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