Interviews with William Burroughs

Interview with William S. Burroughs (1961) by Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso

A Word Is a Word Is a Collage (1965) by Bill Butler

“I Always Have Three Weapons on Me”: 1981 Interview with William Burroughs (1981) by Alain Pacadis

1984 Interview with William S. Burroughs by William Weiss

A Conversation With William S. Burroughs (1990) by Simone Lazzeri Ellis

The Naked Lunch Report (1991) by Gary Indiana

Which Is the Fly and Which Is the Human? (1992) by Lynn Snowden

Interviews with Others

Fragment of an Interview with Allen Ginsberg (1974) by the Berkeley Barb

The Huncke Connection (1982) by Johnny Strike

Interview with Professor Oliver Harris (2005) by RealityStudio

Interview with Hank O’Neal (2005) by RealityStudio

Interview with John Geiger (2006) by RealityStudio

Interview with Rob Johnson (2006) by RealityStudio

Interview with Gary Lee-Nova (2007) by RealityStudio

Interview with Malcolm Mc Neill (2007) by RealityStudio

David Britton and Michael Butterworth on William S. Burroughs (1997 / 2008) by Sarajane Inkster / RealityStudio

Michael Moorcock on William S. Burroughs (2008) by Mark P. Williams

Charles Plymell: The Benzedrine Highway Interview (Revised) (2008) by Paul Hawkins

Interview with Alex Neish, Editor of Jabberwock and Sidewalk (2009) by Graham Rae

Interview with Victor Bockris on William Burroughs (2010) by Dave Teeuwen

William S. Burroughs, Charles Gatewood, and Sidetripping (2010) by Charles Gatewood

Who Was Sinclair Beiles? (2010) by Gary Cummiskey

Interview with Sylvère Lotringer on the Nova Convention (2012) by Marcus D. Niski

Interview with Johnny Strike (2012) by Marcus D. Niski

Terry Wilson: Cutting Up for Real (2012) by Ian MacFadyen

Interview with Michael Goodman (2019) by RealityStudio.

Interview with Richard Aaron of Am Here Books (2019) by Eric Shoaf.

Interview with Klaus Maeck, the creator of the films Decoder and William S. Burroughs: Commissioner of Sewers by Christophe Becker.

Bunker Interviews by Jed Birmingham