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Jed Birmingham on William S. Burroughs Collecting

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Aram Saroyan

Aram Saroyan
Aram Saroyan

Aram Saroyan, Works

Aram Saroyan

Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein

Richard Komar, Games

Richard Komar

John Perreault, Camouflage

John Perreault


Lines 1

Lines 1
September 1964


Lines 2
December 1964

Lines 3

Lines 3
February 1965

William Burroughs and Tom Veitch, Naked Express

William Burroughs and Tom Veitch
Naked Express
Lines 3

William Burroughs and Tom Veitch, Naked Express

William Burroughs and Tom Veitch
Naked Express
Lines 3

Lines 4

Lines 4
March 1965

Lines 5

Lines 5
May 1965

William Burroughs, Rex Morgan MD

William Burroughs
“Rex Morgan MD”
Lines 5
May 1965

Lines 6

Lines 6
November 1965

Table of Contents

Lines #1 — September 1964 

Cover:  Drawing by Aram Saroyan

Louis Zukofsky — “Can a mote of sunlight defeat its purpose”

John Perreault — Each Day; Disguised

Ronald Bayes — Passus 25 — Branch Line

Ted Berrigan — A Life in Trough (A Dream)

Jenni Caldwell — 8 Poems (“with the elaborate framework”; Day; “sometimes I think about”; “that chair your chair”; Admission; “If her name offended”; “i see you like a dissected”; “there are not many times”; 

Fielding Dawson — Different People (II)

Joel Sloman — The Casino; Folk Song

Ronald Caplan — 4/64 (“that he could walk straight”)

Richard Kolmar — Apples

John Keys — Key’s Cantos; “returning to some sources via”

James Brodey — jacket for years; The Buffalo Report

Robert Grenier — Old Blue Sneakers; Tune for Beanie; Dusk Road Game; A Sort of Plea

Leith Heagy — Vanguard in Babylon

Ken Irby — Visit

Lorenzo Thomas — The Color Section; The Unnatural Life

Allen Katzman — The Act of

Archie Minasian — Beyond the Gage

Ted Greenwald — “I hear a step.  A Step.”; Capsule; Breakout; “A taste of salt on my lips bothers me”; Privets come into season at high tide”

Tony Towle — World War II; The Life of the Emotions Has an Attractive Scheme

Aram Saroyan — The Paradox; After Waking at Six P.M.; Bus Ride

Lines #2 — December 1964

Cover:  Joe Brainard

Ron Padgett — Policeman Dan

Aram Saroyan — N.Y.C.

Jonathan Greene — dancing all the while  (to William Kemp)

Some Feathers — Dick Gallup

Jack Anderson — Snorksnot

John Keys — Chisllers Verse (to George Washington Wakoski)

Joe Brainard — Story

Aram Saroyan — “My arms are warm”

Fielding Dawson — The Moving Men

Rich Klein — The Moon; “the fourth world/will”

Joe Brainard — Colgate Dental Cream

Kenneth Irby — Slow Dance

Ted Berrigan — Rusty Nails:  A collected Prose for Tom Veitch

William Dodd — The Assertion

Robert Grenier — The Light

Philip Whalen — Delusions of Reference

Jenni Caldwell — poem dream

Ronald Bayes — Passus 30:  Portrait

Aram Saroyan — Placitas to L.Z.

Joseph Ceravolo — Monsters; Skies; Drunken Winter

Ron Padgett & Ted Berrigan — Noh

John Perrault — Boomerang

David Shapiro — Other Friends

David M. Cull — vine maple

Ron Padgett — Poem after Reverdy; Light in the Nineteeth Century

Fielding Dawson — The Goddess (for Gabe Kohn)

Lapstrake — Ted Greenwald

Richard Kolmar — Fragments of a Diary

Aram Saroyan — IS

Joel Sloman — Jet to New York

Richard Kolmar — The Song

Lines #3 — February 1965

Philip Whalen — The Best of It

Dick Gallup — After Alcman

Joe Brainard — Polly

Aram Saroyan — Work Poem; Old Poem; Aces; Well; A & P; “Gray pants & the mail”; “Go!” 

Dick Gallup — Eskimos Again

Ted Berrigan — Dick Gallup at 30 (A Play); Corridors of Blood

Larry Swingle — The Cheese #1

Ted Greenwald — Face Lifting; And, Hinges

Ted Berrigan — An Interview with Ron Padgett

Aram Saroyan & Richard Kolmar — Stand Up

Richard Kolmar — Denial; Aristophanes’; Amore :Traditore

Ron Padgett — Milkman Bill

Kenward Elmslie — Song; The Verandas

Tony Towle — Cable and the Telephone; Song (“Here are the wheels of the new kingdom, and here”)

Lorenzo Thomas — The Judgment of Paris; The Fall of Paris

Tom Veitch — The Naked Express

Ted Berrigan — The Secret Life of Ford Madox Ford (Then I’d Cry; Stop Stop Six; Reeling Midnight; Fauna Time; Destination Moon; On His Own; Some Troubles; The Dance of the Broken Bomb; Putting Away; Owe; We Are Jungles)

Joe Brainard — Sunday July the 30th 1964

Lines # 4 — March 1965

Cover — Richard Kolmar

Ian Hamilton Finlay — “A . . . blue boat”; “ring of waves”; Catch 23; “wind”; tug at bay; “Green waters”; landsman’s tea; fisherman’s tea; the ABC of tea; funnel geography

Fielding Dawson — West Side Story

Aram Saroyan — “Had West followed up her fine opening lead by dropping”

E. San Juan, Jr. — Ballad of the Honeysuckle Rose

Aram Saroyan — Lean

John Perreault — Nothing

Tom Veitch — Moon Device

Richard Kolmar — Letters (to L. H.); This Should Pull Us

Joe Brainard — Poem (“Dance with me I said”)

Ron Padgett — An Idea that Clara Related to Wallace

Aram Saroyan — Poem (“Does it ring?”)

Gerard Malanga — Gateway to the Palace of Sargon

Richard Kolmar — Sleep; Marion; Games; 1234567890; Sentences; Live and Learn

Aram Saroyan — Sentences; From the Village Voice (to Ted Berrigan); Nice Ron Thinking; “My feet are tied to a pebble”; “Andre Breton is” Two Poems; “Picture, if you can, these beautiful paintings in their”; “WABC”; “Lovely”; “O . O . O .”

Lines #5 — May 1965

Cover — Fielding Dawson

Aram Saroyan — 17 from Works

Jack Anderson — Paper Clip

John Perreault — Hatbox

Ron Padgett & Joe Brainard — Nancy

William Burroughs — Chlorhydrate d’Apomorpine Chabre

Charles Olson — “A Maximus — As of why thinking”

Philip Whalen — “Hum  Scandal!  Abdication.

Jonathan Greene — “Chillingsworth”

Dan Saxon — fall colors

Clark Coolidge — The Death of Floyd Collins

Ron Padgett — Comics

William Burroughs — Rex Morgan M.D.

Ted Berrigan — On the Road Again

Tom Clark — Are Victors

Clark Coolidge — Everley Formation 

Aram Saroyan — Sentences II

Dick Gallup — Hygiene Sonnet

Bob Brovar — “Fleen pleen”; “Guush-shee”; Flaanczongdoogy”

Ted Greenwald — Landscape

Fielding Dawson — From The Dream

Lorine Niedecker — “Lights lifts”; “The obliteration”

Mike Silverton — I Am A Silent One; Seeing the Road

Aram Saroyan — Sentences III

Mike Silverton — The Sniper’s Song

Lines #6 — November 1965

Aram Saroyan — 11 Works (“in the room”; July; Poem (“later”); “a window to walk away in”; A Poem to K.Q.; “In the corner of my room an American!”; 2 Sentences; “incomprehensible birds”; “The floor passing through the hole in the bag”; For Charles Olson; “crickets”; “I leaps”)

John Perreault — Here on the Edge of this Island

Ted Berrigan & Ron Padgett — Saturday Night at the Movies

Clark Coolidge — Flag Flutter & U.S. Electric

Bernadette Mayer — Pope John

Joseph Ceravolo — “How do you know when”; “Feast.  Turtle.  Wide arms.”

Al Fowler — “are you a root or a tendermint”

Vito Hannibal Acconci — Blowstalk

Robert Viscusi — An Edison on Messaien

David Sandberg — Mime Play ”

Robert Lax — “no one was better”

Mike Silveron — Cork

bp Nichol — cycle #21; Tribute to Vasarely

Tom Clark — “oooooooooo” 

Dom Sylvester Houédard — “sand    rock    tide”

Carl Fernbach — Flarsheim

John Furnival — The Fall of the Tower of Babel, 1964

William Burroughs — The Last Post — Danger Ahead

Ron Padgett & Joe Brainard — “All roses are bad ideas”

Domine Falcone — “The girl with the fat lips”

Aram Saroyan — “A”

Joseph Pinelli — Excerpts from Book I

Compiled by Jed Birmingham and published by RealityStudio on 10 March 2014.

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