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Not in Maynard & Miles

Remembering Jack Kerouac

From the Western Lands

Words of Advice for Young People

The Heroin Drug Cure

Last Words

A Spiritual Exercise

Word Virus: The William Burroughs Reader

Concrete and Buckshot

Pantopon Rose

My Education

Junky, Queer, Naked Lunch

Photos and Remembering Jack Kerouac

Painting and Guns

Paper Cloud Thick Pages

X-Ray Man

Ghost of Chance

Seven Deadly Sins

The Valley

Clause 27 Is Proposition 6 Is the Whole Tamale


Tornado Alley


The Western Lands

The Cat Inside

The Adding Machine


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

New York Inside Out


The Burroughs File

The Place of Dead Roads

A William Burroughs Reader


Sinki’s Sauna

Early Routines

The Streets of Chance

Cities of the Red Night

Three Novels

Wouldn’t You Polish Pine Floors…

Blade Runner (a movie)

Doctor Benway

Ah Pook is Here

Where Naked Troubadours Shoot Snotty Baboons

Letters to Allen Ginsberg

Ali’s Smile / Naked Scientology

The Third Mind

The Retreat Diaries

Cobble Stone Gardens



The Book of Breething

Port of Saints

Mayfair Academy Series More or Less

White Subway


Brion Gysin Let the Mice In

Electronic Revolution

The Wild Boys

Ali’s Smile

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz

The Job: Interviews with William Burroughs

The Dead Star

So Who Owns Death TV?

APO-33: A Metabolic Regulator


Nova Express

Roosevelt After Inauguration

The Yage Letters

Dead Fingers Talk

The Ticket That Exploded

The Soft Machine

The Exterminator

Minutes to Go

Naked Lunch


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