The Third Mind

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New York: Viking 1978, first U.S. printing, hardbound in dust jacket. First published as Oeuvre Croisée in French (Paris: Flammarion 1976). A collaboration between Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Burroughs, known to have worked more productively in collaboration with others, wrote that the title stemmed from Think and Grow Rich, a twentieth-century guide to salesmanship by Napoleon Hill, who counseled that when two minds work together there is always a third one that results. Others have interpreted the third mind as coming from the interaction of writing and visual art.

_____ uncorrected proof copy, bound in wraps.

London: John Calder 1979, first British printing, hardbound in dust jacket.

_____ simultaneous British printing in wraps.

New York: Seaver Books 1982, bound in wraps. Unusually scarce in softcover. Curiously, this title has never been reprinted in English post-1982 though the French edition was reprinted as recently as 1998.

This bibliography of A-List publications by William S. Burroughs derives from Eric C. Shoaf’s Collecting William S. Burroughs in Print: A Checklist and is published online courtesy of the author, who retains all rights. Published by RealityStudio in April 2007.

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