BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS by William S. Burroughs


Nothing Here Now But The Recordings

The Anti-Environment of the Cut-Up Authors

Terry Wilson: Cutting Up for Real

A Word Is a Word Is a Collage (1965)

Nothing Here Now But the Lost Recordings

Introduction to The Fluke

A Trip from Here to There

“Burroughs Is a Poet Too, Really”: The Poetics of Minutes to Go

Pistol Poem No. 3

Pistol Poem No. 2

Fear and the Monkey

Where Flesh Circulates

Spain & 42 St.

Dead Whistle Stop Already End

Cut-Up Poems from Minutes to Go

Carl Weissner in My Own Mag

Flesh Film

Jan Herman and the Fold

Yes, Prince, Clear Surprise!

A Dangerous Opiate

Jan Herman as Writer

Jan Herman as Publisher of Nova Broadcast Press

The Soft Machines

Interview with Graham Masterton on William S. Burroughs

Death in Paris

Abstract (Lip 1969)

Intersections Shifts and Scanning from Literary Days by Tom Veitch

William Burroughs and Andy Warhol

William Burroughs in January 1960 Mademoiselle

Rhinozeros Archive

Apomorphine and Naked Lunch

Speed, Apomorphine, Mimeo, and the Cut-Up

The Naked Express: William Burroughs and Tom Veitch

The Exterminator

Burroughs’ Statements at the 1962 International Writers’ Conference

The Third Mind Exhibit

Everything Lost, the Latin American Notebook of William S. Burroughs: The Inside Story

C Press Archive

Interview with Artist Jim Dine

Cutting up the Archive: William Burroughs and the Composite Text

Eric Mottram and The Algebra of Need

Islwyn Watkins Interviewed by David Moore

Recollections of Jeff Nuttall and the Production of My Own Mag

The Burroughs File

The Third Mind

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz

The Dead Star


Nova Express

The Ticket That Exploded

The Soft Machine

The Exterminator

Minutes to Go

The Evolution of the Cut-Up Technique in My Own Mag

My Own Mag: A Bibliographic Nightmare

My Own Mag

Yage Redux


Locus Solus


Transitional Period vs Gongs of Violence

Yage Letters Redux