The Ticket That Exploded

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[M&M A6]

Paris: Olympia Press 1962, softbound in stiff olive-green wraps, a copy lacking the dust jacket, one of 5,000 copies. Maynard & Miles A6a. The third of the Olympia Press originals.

New York: Grove Press 1967, first US publication, hardbound in dust jacket, one of 10,000 copies. Maynard & Miles A6b. The text of the Grove edition was rearranged with additions and expansions from the earlier Olympia printing. Perhaps one of Burroughs’ least accessible books, particularly for the uninitiated, Ticket nonetheless provides some surreal montages of words.

New York: Black Cat 1968, first wraps printing limited to 15,000 copies. Maynard & Miles A6c.

London: Calder and Boyars 1968, first British publication, hardbound with dust jacket. Maynard & Miles A6d.

_____ Galley proof in blue wraps. Scarce item.

_____ simultaneous wraps issue. Maynard & Miles A6e.

London: Corgi Books 1971, first thus printing in wraps. Maynard & Miles A6f.

London: John Calder 1985, the second British edition in wraps, adds a new preface by the publisher.

New York: Grove Press 1987, first printing thus in wraps.

London: Paladin Books 1987, first thus British edition in wraps.

New York: Grove Weidenfeld 1992, first thus printing in wraps.

London: Flamingo 2001, first thus British printing in wraps.

This bibliography of A-List publications by William S. Burroughs derives from Eric C. Shoaf’s Collecting William S. Burroughs in Print: A Checklist and is published online courtesy of the author, who retains all rights. Published by RealityStudio in April 2007.

4 thoughts on “The Ticket That Exploded

  1. My wife took a bookbinding workshop and created a custom box for my copy of the Olympia Press edition (signed by Burroughs and Maurice Girodias). It looks so official and attractive that I am hinting around for more…

  2. I found a copy in horrible condition with a clear plastic cover holding the binding & cover together. There’s a spill/small stain on the inside title page. The book is falling apart really. It says it’s printed in France Dec 62 and copyright Burroughs 62 also. However on another title page it lists “Other works by William Burroughs published by The Olympia Press :
    THE NAKED LUNCH : 1959.
    First edition : 1961.
    New revised and augmented
    edition : February 1963.”
    Does that mean a new ed of Soft Machine is coming out in 1963 or that it did and the 1962 edition of The Ticket That Exploded is actually a reprint post 62? Also, just as an artifact I’d love to own a copy but is such a crappy copy worth anything, let alone the $30 price tag?

  3. Damn. A deep well of information. Thanks again. Okay. So if it’s an Olympia Press edition it’s a 62 edition. Good to know.

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