Clause 27 Is Proposition 6 Is the Whole Tamale

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[n.p.]: The Horse Press [n.d. 1989?], small pamphlet is 8 pages and consists of a one-page introduction by Burroughs, 6 pages of text concerning the anti-gay Proposition 6 which is reprinted here. Back of the last page printing a photo of Burroughs in the jungle. The cover features a silhouette of Burroughs in a top hat (from a photo), along with the title. The cover illustration is black on dark green paper, though some were bound in blue. An item on every Burroughs collectors’ want list, but one that few have ever seen, bound in wraps. These first began appearing in the late 1980s, thus the estimated publication date.

This bibliography of A-List publications by William S. Burroughs derives from Eric C. Shoaf’s Collecting William S. Burroughs in Print: A Checklist and is published online courtesy of the author, who retains all rights. Published by RealityStudio in April 2007.

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