William Burroughs Art Exhibitions

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Solo and Group Shows Featuring William S. Burroughs

Compiled by Barry Miles

(Italics indicate name of show and catalogue)


Galerie Stadler, Paris, group show, catalog, [Peinture, Poésie, Musique: David Budd Recontre William Burroughs et Earl Brown Chez Rodolphe Stadler.] (View catalogue)


B2 Gallery, London, group show supporting the Final Academy festival of readings and events celebrating WSB and his work. [cut-ups, collages, photographs] [ 27 September – 24 October, 1982]


University of Kansas Libraries, Lawrence, Kansas, 1986. [William S. Burroughs: An Exhibit of His Work]


Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, solo show, catalog [19 December, 1987 – 24 January 1988]


Suzanne Biederberg Gallery at the Amsterdam Art Fair, catalog

October Gallery, London, solo show, 1 June – 2 July, 1988] [shares catalog with above]

The Western Front Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, solo show [5 July – 15 July, 1988]

Center on Contemporary Art, [Seattle, Washington, [w/ St. Eom]

Gallery Casa Sin Nombre, Santa Fe, New Mexico, solo show, catalog.

Paul Klein Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, [w/ Sam Gilliam] [21 October – 26 November, 1988

Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY, group show, catalog [Literary Vision][November, 1988]


Paul Maenz Gallery, Cologne, Germany, [w/ Walter Dahn]

Gallerie OBORO and Atelier Roger Bellemare, Montreal, Canada, two gallery solo show [22 April – 21 May, 1989] [two lithographs issued]

Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Canada, solo show

Elliot Smith Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, solo show

Galerie Carzaniga & Ueker, Basel, Switzerland, solo show, catalog [27 April – 20 May, 1989]

Cleto Polcina Artemodernna, Roma, Italy, solo show, catalog [25 May, 1989 – ]

Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker at the Basel Art Fair

Kellas Gallery, Lawrence, Kansas, solo show [30 September – 11 November, 1989]

Galeria EMI Valentim de Carvalho, Lisbon, Portugal, solo show, catalog, 1/800 [November 1989]


Galeria EMI Valentim de Carvalho at ARCO Art Fair, Madrid

Vanguardia Galeria de Arte, Bilbao, Spain, [4 March – 27 March, 1990]

Galerie Waschsalon, Frankfurt, Germany, solo show [16 March – ]

Galerie K, Paris, solo show, catalog [23 March – 21 April, 1990]

XPO Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, [w/ Robert Wilson] catalog [Black Rider] [31 March – 28 April, 1990]

October Gallery, London, [w/ Keith Haring] [29 March – 5 May, 1990]

The Seed Hall / Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo, solo show, catalog [14 June – 3 July, 1990] [Shotgun Paintings, works on wood & paper]

Akarenga Hall / Seibu Sapporo, Sapporo, Japan, solo show [same catalog as above] [12 July – 30 July, 1990]

Venice Biennale, Venice, group show. [“Dimensione futuro”] [27 September – 30 September, 1990]

Gallery Casa Sin Nombre, Santa Fe, New Mexico, [w/Allen Ginsberg (photographs)] [ the “Paper Cloud, Thick Pages” series]

Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, California, solo show

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, Tübingen, Germany, solo show

Galeria Sephira, Madrid, Spain, solo show, catalog [8 November – 7 December, 1990]


Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker, Basel, Switzerland, solo show, catalog [10 April – 4 May, 1991]

Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker at D’Arte Contemporanea Art Fair in Milano [12 – 16 April, 1991]

Galerie Carzaniga & Ueker at the Basel Art Fair, [12 – 16 April, 1991]

Galerie K, Amsterdam, solo show, [15 May – 1 June, 1991]


Atelier Marconi Gallery, Torino, Italy, solo show, catalog [Casa Burroughs: Shotgun Dipinti e Altro]

Transit Gallery, Bergamo, Italy, solo show

Project Theatre, Dublin, [w/ Brion Gysin]

The Sena Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, [w/ Dennis Hopper]

The October Gallery, London, solo show [“The Seven Deadly Sins”] [28 April – 6 June, 1992]

Artists en Mass, Lawrence, Kansas, solo show [“The Seven Deadly Sins”]

Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, California, solo show [“The Seven Deadly Sins”]


The Writer’s Place, Kansas City, Missouri, solo show [“The Seven Deadly Sins”]

Galeria Sephira, Madrid, Spain, solo show

Galerie Porte-Avion, Marseille, France, solo show

XLV Exposizione Internazionale d’Arte, Venice, Italy, group show, catalog

2ème Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Lyon, France, group show, catalog, [Et tous ils changent le Monde] [3 September – 13 October, 1993]

Center for Study and Exhibit of Drawings, Exquisite Corpse, New York, solo show


Floria Brown Gallery, Woody Creek, Colorado, [w/ Hunter S. Thompson], [“Two Guys With Guns Making Art”] [22 January – 20 February, 1994]

The Bourgeois Pig, Lawrence, Kansas, solo show

Aktionsforum, Munich, Germany [“Nagual Marks”]

Vintage Gallery, Amsterdam, solo show [photographs 1962-1972] [17 June – 15 July 1994]

Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York, group show [“The Ossuary”] [19 February – 19 March, 1994]

New York University, New York, group show, catalog [Beat Generation Art]


Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark, solo show [“The Seven Deadly Sins”] catalog. [21 January – 19 March, 1995]

Terrain Gallery, San Francisco, California, solo show

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, group show, catalog [Beat Culture and the New America] [2 June – 15 September, 1995]


Ubu Gallery, New York, group show. [“The Gun”] [27 January – 9 March, 1996]

Webb Gallery, Waxahachie, Texas, solo show [“Paintings”] [20 January – 2 March, 1996]

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, group show, catalog [“Beat Culture and the New America”] [2 June – 15 September, 1996]

Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles, California, solo show + supporting exhibits, catalog [Ports of Entry] [18 July – 6 October, 1996]

Track 16 Gallery and Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, California, solo show [“Concrete and Buckshot. William S. Burroughs Paintings 1987-1996”][18 July – 6 October, 1996]

Spencer Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, [“Ports of Entry” see above]

David Levik Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, solo show [19 November – 7 January, 1997]

Zola Café, Westport, Kansas City, solo show

Paolo Baldacci Gallery, New York, [“BANG – Gunshot Art”]

Ubu Gallery, New York, group show, [“The Gun: Icon of Twentieth Century Art”] [27 January – 9 March, 1996]


Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, [w/ George Condo], catalog [6 December, 1997 – 7 January, 1998]


Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker, Basel, Switzerland, solo show, catalog
[23 September – 31 October, 1999]


Bloomberg SPACE, London, group show. [“Collage”] [27 March – 8 May, 2004]

Raab Galerie, Berlin, group show. [“William S. Burroughs – The 7 Deadly Sins”] [16 November – 31 December, 2004]


Riflemaker, London, solo show [catalog] [Part One “Dead Aim”] [12 September – continues through all three shows]

Riflemaker, London, solo show [Part Two “Pistol Poem”] [10 October – ]

Riflemaker, London, solo show [Part Three “Rifle Range”] [31 October – 17 December, 2005]


MACBA Barcelona, group show. [“Vinyl. Records and Covers by Artists”] [18 May – 3 September, 2006]

Galerie von Bartha, Basel, group show. [“Light and Shadow”] [1 September – 30 October, 2006]

CCA Wattis, Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, group show. [“Radical Software”] [28 November, 2006 – 24 February, 2007]

New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK, group show. [“You’ll Never Know”] [1 December 2006 – 7 January, 2007]


Palais de Tokyo, Paris, group show [27 September – 30 December 2007]


Kunstverein München, group show. [“Oh Girl, It’s a Boy!”] [20 October 2007 – 10 February, 2008]

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, group show selected by Ugo Rondinone. [“The Third Mind, Carte blanche à Ugo Rondinone”] [16 November 2007 – 3 January 2008]

The Writer’s Brush: Visual Art by Writers, Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York, NY. Group show. [11 September – 27 October, 2007]

The Writer’s Brush: Visual Art by Writers, Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA. Group show [5 December – 20 January, 2008]

Stellan Holm Gallery, New York, solo show [“Rub Out the Word”] [15 February – 29 March, 2008]

Irish Museum of Art, Dublin, [w/ Hans Christian Andersen], solo show, catalog [Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups, Hans Christian Andersen and William Seward Burroughs] [9 April – 29 June 2008]

White Flag Projects, St. Louis, MO, group show.

Centre Pompidou, Paris, group show. [“Traces du Sacré”] [7 May – 11 August 2008]

[“Bendover/Hangover: An Evening with Cinema Zero”] 10 May, 2008 – one night only]

Haus der Kunst, München, group show. [“Traces du Sacré”] [19 September, 2008 – 11 January, 2009] [from Paris, above]

Royal Academy of Arts, London, solo show [“Burroughs Live”, part of the “Collision Course” series of exhibitions] [8 December – 18 January 2009]

Riflemaker, London, solo show. [“William S. Burroughs: Life File”] [16 December, 2008 – 10 January, 2009] [decorated folders]

Le Case d’Arte, Mailand, Italy, group show [“Omaggio a William Burroughs”] [18 December, 2008 – 20 January 2009]


Maggs Bros, London, solo show [“William S. Burroughs, London photographs”] [19 January – 20 February, 2009]

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, group show. [“The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989”] [30 January – 19 April 2009]

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, group show. [Sonic Youth etc.: “Sensational Fix”] [31 January – 10 May, 2009] [in two parts]

KIT Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf, group show. [Sonic Youth etc.: “Sensational Fix”] [31 January – 10 May, 2009] [in two parts]

Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, two man show [Bukowski and Burroughs”] Malcolm McNeill and WSB: The Lost Art of Ah Pook Is Here.] [4 April – 2 May, 2009]

Plattfon Record Store, Basel, documentation show [“Inside the Bunker, at Home With William S. Burroughs”] [24 April – 30 July, 2009]

Stellan Holm Gallery, New York, solo show [“The Sky Is Thin As Paper Here”] [12 September – 31 October, 2009]

Kunstverein München, group show. [“Rip It Up And Start Again”] [10 October – 22 November, 2009.]


Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bunesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn, group show. [“Arp, Beckmann, Munch, Kirchner, Warhol … Klassiker in Bonn”] [28 January – 27 March, 2011]


ZKM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, Germany, solo show [“The Name Is Burroughs – Expanded Media”], [24 March – August, 2012]

Kunstalle Wien, Wien, Austria [Cut-ups Cut-ins Cut-outs. Die Kunst des William S. Burroughs] [15 June – 21 October, 2012]

Compiled by Barry Miles and published by RealityStudio on 1 November 2012.

12 thoughts on “William Burroughs Art Exhibitions

  1. It would be great to make this as complete as possible so if anyone knows of any other shows that should be included, or can add missing dates, that would be appreciated. Miles

  2. What about the New Museum show Brion Gysin: Dream Machine? The Third Mind project was exhibited as were numerous Burroughs/Gysin collaborations. Probably not fair to imply it is a group show with Burroughs but wanted to make sure you omitted it on purpose.

  3. Big thanks for compiling and posting! There’s a few additions below. Also, “Irish Museum of Art” should read “Irish Museum of Modern Art”. Maybe should list “solo show + supporting exhibits” for “The Name Is Burroughs” and “Burroughs Live”.

    Stellan Holm Gallery, New York, group show, [“Black and White”] [May – June 2009]

    DotDotDot ArtSpace, Lawrence, solo show, [“Naked Leftovers: Burroughs’ Art Objects”] [1 Aug 2009 – one night only]

    Bourgeois Pig, Lawrence, solo show, [“Naked Leftovers: Paintings by William Burroughs”] [27 July – 25 Aug 2009]

    Th!nkart Salon, Chicago, solo show, [28 August -September 2009]

    Th!nkart Salon, Chicago, [“Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs”] [January 2010]

  4. Brian Cassidy’s latest catalog has this:

    WALKER ART CENTER: William S. Burroughs / Roy MacBride [Event Program]
    [BURROUGHS, William S.]
    [Minneapolis]: Walker Art Center, [1983].

  5. This exhibition is advertised for December:

    William S. Burroughs: All out of time and into space
    6 December 2012 – 16 February 2013
    October Gallery
    24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL

  6. This is a very encouraging response. My guess is that we should restrict listings to shows of Burroughs’ artwork: drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs, and not include bibliographic exhibitions of rare books and mss but then again, some of Bill’s mss were very beautiful and clearly had an artistic element in them, as was seen at the recent show at the Viennakunstalle, so its really up to RealityStudio to decide. When enough new entires arrive I’ll do a new draft of the piece incorporating all the additions, unless Keith would like to add them in as they arrive?

  7. Obscure, but real:

    William S. Burroughs

    Exhibition – Western Front Gallery

    303 East 8th Ave
    Vancouver, BC
    Canada V5T 1S1

    Jul 5 – Jul 20, 1988

    Curated by Hank Bull. Paintings presented in collaboration with a public reading produced by Bodie MacNeil.

  8. Exhibition at October Gallery in London:

    William S. Burroughs, All out of time and into space

    6/12/12 – 16/02/13

  9. 1992
    It was Project Arts Centre, Essex St., Dublin ( not Theatre though the Theatre was used for performances)
    The show was Here to Go Show and also featured
    Mohamed Hamri at the Project Arts Centre plus the Here to Go Show also featured
    An exhibition of Ira Cohen photographs at the nearby Gallery of Photography.

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