L’Internationale Hallucinex

#16: Klacto 23 International

The Library and Deaccession

The Anti-Environment of the Cut-Up Authors

Bibliography of Carl Weissner Translations

In Memory of Carl Weissner

Nothing Here Now But the Lost Recordings

Archive of Charles Plymell’s The Last Times

Dripping Wet in Reykjavik



Carl Weissner in My Own Mag



Gasolin 23


Carl Weissner in Books and Pamphlets

Jan Herman as Writer

Jan Herman as Publisher of Nova Broadcast Press

Death in Paris

Beat Critics

Yay!: A Moving Times Supplement (An In-Depth Examination of My Own Mag)

Burroughs Readings

Ali’s Smile / Naked Scientology

So Who Owns Death TV?

The Evolution of the Cut-Up Technique in My Own Mag

William Burroughs on Cassette

Burroughs in Germany and Belgium

Burroughs / Balch Video Experiment