Chicago 1968

Don’t Hide the Madness

William S. Burroughs and John Wieners’ Measure


Index to the Contents of C: A Journal of Poetry

Collecting William S. Burroughs and the Arts

William S. Burroughs, Jacques Stern, and The Fluke

Archive of Charles Plymell’s The Last Times

Rhinozeros 5

Kulchur 1

Review of Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg at the National Gallery

The Lager Letters (A Satirical Review of The Yage Letters)


Gasolin 23


45th Anniversary of the International Poetry Incarnation at Royal Albert Hall

The Death of Bill Cannastra

Jan Herman as Journalist

We Saw the Light

Philip Whalen and the Beats

The Letters of Allen Ginsberg

William Burroughs in Mademoiselle

Charles Plymell and Now

Letters to Allen Ginsberg


Fragment of an Interview with Allen Ginsberg

Interview with William S. Burroughs

The Boston Trial of Naked Lunch