Jan Herman as Journalist

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Jan Herman, Ginsberg's Poetics: From Illusion to Enlightenment, 1980

Jan Herman
Ginsberg’s Poetics: From Illusion to Enlightenment
Interview with Allen Ginsberg in Boulder, Colorado
Los Angeles Times
24 Feb 1980

Jan Herman, Review of William Burroughs' Place of Dead Roads, Chicago Sunday Times, 1984

Jan Herman
Burroughs at 70, His Surrealistic Vision Still Cooking
Review of Place of Dead Roads
Chicago Sun-Times
25 Feb 1984

Jan Herman, Interview with William S. Burroughs, Chicago Sun Times, 1984

Jan Herman
Literary Saint and Sinner
Phone Interview with William S. Burroughs
Chicago Sun-Times
25 March 1984

Jan Herman, Review of William S. Burroughs' Queer, Chicago Sun Times, 1985

Jan Herman
“Buried” Novel Comes to Light
Review of William S. Burroughs’ Queer
Chicago Sun Times
3 November 1985

Jan Herman, Review of William Burroughs' Adding Machine, Chicago Sunday Times, 1986

Jan Herman
William Burroughs, An Inspired Thief
Review of William Burroughs’ Adding Machine
Chicago Sun-Times
17 August 1986

Jan Herman, Review of Herbert Huncke's Guilty of Everything, New York Times, 1990

Jan Herman
The Beatnik’s Beatnik
Review of Herbert Huncke’s Guilty of Everything
The New York Times Book Review
10 June 1990

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