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New England Bookstores and the Hermitage Beacon

Interview with Ted Dunn

Interview with Peter Leeson

Interview with Brian Cassidy

The Burroughs Market in a Down Economy

John Ciardi: From Doodle Soup to Naked Lunch and Back Again

Brian Cassidy on Early Photos and Collages by Burroughs

Beats at Auction, April 2008

Washington DC Book Fair 2008

Beat Books Catalogue 48

The Comstock Collection

The Laws of Internet Collecting

Interview with Book Dealer Dan Gregory (Part 2)

The David Oakey Collection of Gary Snyder

Interview with Book Dealer Dan Gregory

The Baltimore Antique Show

Rue Cottage Books

A Trip to Charles Olson’s Gloucester

Simon Finch and a High-Priced Naked Lunch

The Groff Auction of Bukowski and the Ronan Sale of Beat Literature

Brian Cassidy Bookseller and a Rare Burroughs Letter

New York Book Fair (2007)

Interview with Gary Lee-Nova

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Velvet Underground Acetate


Collecting the Olympia Edition of Naked Lunch


Nothing Here Now But the Recordings

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Fuck You Press Archive

Floating Bear 24

The Edwin Blair Auction of Beat Literature

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