Secrets of the Olympia Press Naked Lunch

Michael Goodman Interview


Edward Dorn, “Notes More or Less Relevant to Burroughs and Trocchi” (1962)

William S. Burroughs, Jacques Stern, and The Fluke

The Mouth Inside: The Voices of Naked Lunch

The Frisco Kid He Never Returns: Naked Lunch and San Francisco

From Dr Mabuse to Doc Benway: The Myths and Manuscripts of Naked Lunch

Apomorphine and Naked Lunch

John Ciardi: From Doodle Soup to Naked Lunch and Back Again

1962 International Writers’ Conference

Simon Finch and a High-Priced Naked Lunch

The Heroin Drug Cure

Pantopon Rose

Junky, Queer, Naked Lunch

Doctor Benway

The Naked Lunch Report

Naked Lunch

Kulchur and “The Conspiracy”

Burroughs Ephemera 3: Naked Lunch Prospectus Letter

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Collecting the Olympia Edition of Naked Lunch

Bebop Burroughs

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Which Is the Fly and Which Is the Human?

The Man Who Taught His Asshole to Talk

Dr. Benway Operates

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