Operation Total Exposure

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Roy Pennington more or less strikes again. A bootleg via fax. Congrats to him for slowly entering into the Electronic Revolution. Planned Obsolesence Press operates like Semina or Floating Bear, except few people actually care if they are on the mailing list. Who really wants academic spam on Naked Lunch? Roy can’t stand pretense and exclusivity. All things Burroughsian must go viral. Here is Roy’s ice bucket challenge: download and dip into the pages of Operation Total Exposure.

Download Operation Total Exposure (pdf)

2 thoughts on “Operation Total Exposure

  1. well this is pretty much AWESOME. A fannishly lovely (and lovingly fannish) essay on everyone’s favourite Burroughs scholar (is there any other writer the fandom of which inspires one to have a favourite scholar of that writer?!?).

    Although…. without wanting to sound likea stuck record i DON’T think it’s too much to ask for the reprint of ‘Operation Soft Machine/Cut’ to be legible in the print edition and i doubt i’ll ever be able to afford to ‘pony up’ for an original copy…. or come to that a copy of the Olympia Press TSM! :-D

  2. Yeah, wow. I really loved the pdf. Very helpful. I have been reading and re-reading it. It’s time to get to my copy of Nova Express: The Restored Text now!

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