My Legs Señor

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A Poem by William S. Burroughs

attic room and window my ice skates on the wall
the Priest could see the bathroom pale yellow wood panels
toilet young legs shiny black leg hairs
“It is my legs señor.”
lustre of stumps rinses his lavender horizen
feeling the boy groan and what it meant
face of a lousy kid on the doctor’s table
I was the shadow of the waxing evening and strange window panes.
I was the smudge and whine of missed times in the reflected sky
points of polluted water under his lavender horizen window pane
smudge scrawled by some boy cold lost marbles in the room
the doctor’s shabby table…his face…
boy skin spreads to something else.
flesh and bones rose tornado
I was the smudge and whine of shinny back leg hairs
silver paper in the wind frayed sounds of distant city.

Originally published in 1973 in Second Aeon 16/17: 157. Ed. Peter Finch. Cardiff, [1973] M&M C345. Posted by RealityStudio on 27 May 2013.

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