The Complete Contents of Semina 1-9


Reports from the Bibliographic Bunker

Issue 1

  • Cover: Cameron by Berman
  • E.I Alexander (Robert Alexander) untitled poem (“Twelve times the door rattled and leven”)
  • Charles Brittin: Homer (photograph)
  • Cameron: Peyote Vision (drawing)
  • Jean Cocteau: The Detective (Poem translated by Will Harriss)
  • Marion Grogan: Untitled Poem (“When was it warned”)
  • Hermann Hesse: To a Toccata by Bach (Poem translated by Ruth Baker Day)
  • Walter Hopps: Photographs (Light Drawing and a jazz musician)
  • David Meltzer: “An Unpublished Letter to Some Lost Relatives” (poem)

Issue 2

  • Cover: Charles Brittin, Photograph of Suzi Hicks (niece of Loree Hicks)
  • Back Cover: Wallace Berman: Typed Notice about degenerate angels
  • Herman Hesse: The Bead Game (Poem translation Mervyn Savill)
  • Paul Eluard: Patience (Poem translation Louis Renoir)
  • Jack Anderson: Poem for Alice
  • Cameron: Excerpt from a work in progress (poem)
  • Jean Cocteau: Untitled drawing (opium smoker)
  • Zack Walsh: Untitled Poem (“Like toys of dolls”)
  • Eric Cashen: Incompatible (Prose)
  • Pantale Xantos: (aka Wallace Berman) Untitled Poem (“A face raped by innumerable messiahs”)
  • Wallace Berman: Two photographs of Robert Alexander shooting up
  • Lynn Trocchi: Untitled Poem (O God/Release my soul”)
  • Idell T. Romero (Aya Tarlow): Incident (Poem)
  • J.B. May: It’s Living Now (Poem)
  • Charles Baudelaire: Tomb of a Cursed Poet (poem translation by Hyman Lopez)
  • Charles Bukowski: Mine (poem)
  • Peder Carr: Untitled poem (“I shall grasp the air of the day with my sucking lungs”
  • Judson Crews: Does a Ghost Have Thighs (poem)
  • John Reed: Untitled Poem (“The Sun will touch you”)
  • Lewis Carroll: Manipulated Photographs
  • David Meltzer: Untitled Poem (“Upon a time”)
  • Marion Grogan: Untitled Poem (When tongue forges wonder”)
  • Paul Valery: The Sylph (poem translated by R. Rand)
  • Walter Hopps: Photograph (Dead Shark)
  • Alexander Trocchi: From Cain’s Book
  • John Altoon: Untitled ink drawing (three figures and a priest over dead child)
  • Marcia Jacobs (aka Wallace Berman): Circus (poem)
  • Mike McClure: Untitled Poem (“I wanted to turn to electricity”)
  • Rabindranath Tagore: His Road (poem)
  • Wallace Berman: Art is love is God (poem)

Issue 3

  • Cover: Wallace Berman photograph of peyote buttons
  • Mike McClure: Peyote Poem

Issue 4

  • Cover: Wallace Berman photograph of Shirley Berman
  • I.E. Alexander (Robert Alexander): The Point Encased (poem)
  • Wallace Berman: Film stills
  • William Blake: To God (poem)
  • Ray Bremser: Cat Digging Walls (poem)
  • William Burroughs: Excerpt from Pantapon Rose
  • Peder Carr: Two Poems (“They squeezed him into a misty little corner” and I smolder and smell and fume and wish for closeness”)
  • John Chance: Talking Buddhism with My Lawyer (poem)
  • Beverly Collins: Untitled Poem (“Today’s children”)
  • Judson Crews: Right Now I Am Not So Very Big (poem)
  • Charles Foster: Poem (“Paleolithic dawns”)
  • Allen Ginsberg: To Lindsay (poem)
  • Pierre Jean Jouve: Sur un Mystere (poem translated by Howard Shulman)
  • Robert Kaufman: Dear People (poem)
  • Philip Lamantia: Untitled Poem (“Ah Blessed Virgin Mary”)
  • Ron Lowenisohn: Untitled Poem (“The pieces of watermelon”)
  • Michael McClure: Untitled Poem (“We’re in the middle of a deep cloud”)
  • David Meltzer: Sampson Agonistes (poem)
  • Stuart Perkoff: Boplicity (poem)
  • John Reed: Untitled Poem (“It was her love for the motormans glove”)
  • Charles Stark: Photograph (nude woman)
  • Idell T. Romero (Aya Tarlow): A Thimble of Goodbye (poem)
  • Su Shi: Untitled Poem (“Once with his young wife”) (translated by Charles Guenther)
  • Jules Supervielle: Untitled Poem (“I felt that this ear of the soul opened”) (translated by Charles Guenther)
  • John Wieners: Untitled Poem (“And what is nothingness”)
  • W.B. Yeats: Oil and Blood (poem)
  • Pantale Xantos (aka Wallace Berman): Untitled Poem (“Morphine Mother”)

Issue 5

  • Cover: Charles Brittin photograph of Mayan stone phallus
  • Back Cover: Reproduction of Postcard image of Miguel Cabrera’s Retrato de la phenix Americana¬†la madre Juana Inez de la Cruz
  • Antonin Artaud: Excerpt from Le Mexique et la Civilization (uncredited translation)
  • John Chance: Untitled Poem (“How I Died”)
  • Kirby Doyle: I Mexico After Artaud (poem)
  • Lawrence Jordan: Rockets (poem)
  • John Hoffman: Floridas (poem)
  • Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz: Sister Juana Ines of the Cross (poem translated by Philip Lamantia)
  • Robert Kaufman: Untitled Poem (“O mexico your sadness is nut brown”)
  • Philip Lamantia: Memoria (poem)
  • Christopher MacLaine: Callejon Garcia Villa Lorca (poem)
  • William Margolis: Morning (poem)
  • Michael McClure:¬†Untitled Poem (“We are impervious as the skin of our dreams”)
  • Anne McKeever: Photographic Collage (musicians)
  • David Meltzer: Untitled Poem (“Todos santos”)
  • John Reed: Untitled Ink Drawing (monster) and Untitled Poem (“The Vultures ring around the sun”)
  • Keith Sanzenbach: Untitled Ink Drawing (Mexican Lady)
  • Ruth Weiss: From Compass (poem)
  • John Wieners: Peyote Poem
  • Pantale Xantos: Photograph of Lamantia injecting heroin

Issue 6

  • Cover: Wallace Berman photographic collage
  • Wallace Berman: Collage of various ink drawings and texts
  • David Meltzer: The Clown (poem)

Issue 7

  • Cover: Altered Photograph of Susan Hayward as Barbara Graham in I Want to Live
  • Alternate Cover: Cannibis Sativa
  • Wallace Berman: Photograph of still life featuring Cocteau, Nijinsky and pre-Raphaelite painting accompanied by an Untitled Poem (“Spurred by what reason”)
  • Art is Love is God (poem)
  • Boxed City (poem)
  • Oops (poem)
  • Fairytale for Tosh (poem)
  • First & Last Fearpoem (poem)
  • Mailer to David Meltzer: Photograph of John Wieners by Berman with The Window of Waltham (poem by Wieners)
  • Mailer to George Herms (collage of various drawings and writing)
  • Photographic collage (Hebrew Aleph and Tosh and toy machine)
  • Photographic collage (Hebrew Aleph and Patricia Jordan in mask; image of Billie Holiday)
  • Photographic Collage (Hebrew Aleph and large pendant hanging over Shirley Berman’s torso)
  • Photographic Collage (Hebrew Aleph and marijuana plants)
  • Photographic Collage (Hebrew Aleph and altered photograph of two images of Jerry Heiserman)
  • Photographic Collage (Hebrew Aleph, Hebrew book, matchbook emblem of eagle and devouring lion and Charlie Parker)
  • Photographic Collage (Hebrew Aleph over photograph of Arthur Richer playing tenor sax)
  • Rapist and Voicethrower (coded poem with numbers substituted for words)
  • Some easy-rider titles by Rohmer (poem)
  • P. Xantos: Self-Portrait Photograph
  • Wallace Berman: Untitled Manuscript Poem (“If someone will explain)

Issue 8

  • Cover: Dean Stockwell: Photograph of William George Heirens (serial killer)
  • Antonin Artaud: Untitled Poetic Fragment (“It’s me”)
  • Cameron: June 2, 1962 (poem and drawing of sphinx-like woman)
  • Robert Duncan: Increasing (poem) with Berman altered photograph of nude Duncan in pool
  • Kirby Doyle: Excerpt from Motorcycle Poem with Berman photographic collage of a bicycle rider
  • John Reed: Fongmother (poem in Chinese characters)
  • William House: Untitled drawing (abstract tree)
  • Jess (uncredited): Photographic Collage (image of cat holding a briefcase leaving Turkish prison)
  • Jerry Katz: Untitled Poem (“I am that noise which”) with Berman photograph of middle finger
  • Michael McClure: Ghost Tantra with found photograph of woman nursing baby and bear cub
  • Aya Tarlow: Untitled Poem (“my secret language”) with Patricia Jordan Photographic Collage of female servants dining juxtaposed with large human skeleton
  • Elias Romero: Untitled Poem (“towards tall icy buttes) with Lyn Foulkes untitled drawing of hand with cross
  • Wallace Berman: Wardell Dead (Photographic Collage with text)
  • Collage (Head of Lenny Bruce beaten by policeman with butterflies in his hair)
  • Photographic Collage (Boxer Benny Peret on the night he died in the ring)
  • John Wieners: Le Chariot (poem) with Berman Photographic Collage of chariot and Ray Charles
  • Zack Walsh: Geography (poem) with Berman altered photograph from Hollywood fan magazine

Issue 9

  • Cover: Altered Photograph of Oswald shooting by Ruby
  • Michael McClure: Untitled Poem (Double Murder)
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