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New York: Viking 1989, first US printing, hardbound in dust jacket. Interzone was the working title for the novel finally published as Naked Lunch. Readers will recognize the “interzone” as the dream-like locus of so much of his fiction, an imagined world where the laws of time, space, and conventional human personality are suspended, where everything is both possible and permitted. Much of this collection of short stories, routines, letters, and notebook entries had only seen publication in fragmentary form until this volume, others had never before been published. The whole was edited by James Grauerholz.

_____ Uncorrected Galley Proof of US edition in pale wraps.

London: Picador 1989, first British printing, hardbound in dust jacket.

_____ Uncorrected Galley Proof of British edition in wraps.

New York: Penguin 1990, first wraps printing.

This bibliography of A-List publications by William S. Burroughs derives from Eric C. Shoaf’s Collecting William S. Burroughs in Print: A Checklist and is published online courtesy of the author, who retains all rights. Published by RealityStudio in April 2007.

One thought on “Interzone

  1. Greetings to the community,

    A bit late to the party but I just picked up Interzone and have been going through twilight’s last gleaming and to be perfectly honest I cannot really decipher the radio operator’s message.
    The part that has me confused is “son-of-a-bitching set… sos…might smell us…” I suppose son-of-a-bitching has a similar meaning with bloody or fucking but for the life of me I can’t understand what “set” is supposed to mean or “might smell us” for that matter.

    Any feedback would be hugely appreciated.

    Kind regards


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