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William S. Burroughs with a copy of Naked Lunch at the Beat Hotel, 1959

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In Memoriam: Johnny Strike by Bill Given

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Joshua Kotin contributes The Fuck You Press Cantos: A Census

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Don’t Hide the Madness by Jed Birmingham

Irving Rosenthal: Your Money or Your Life by Alastair Johnston

RealityStudio reviews William Burroughs’ “The Revised Boy Scout Manual”: An Electronic Revolution, forthcoming from Ohio State University Press.

Crawdaddy Archive by Jed Birmingham

CUT-UPS@60 is a conference to be held in London and Paris, September 2020, honoring the 60th anniversary of the invention of the cut-up technique. Watch this space for more detail.

RealityStudio is proud to make Michael Stevens’ The Road to Interzone: Reading William S. Burroughs Reading available as a free PDF download. Road to Interzone, a bibliography of Burroughs’ reading, is one of the indispensable reference works on the author.

The Top 23 Most Interesting Burroughs Collectibles (2015-2016) by Jed Birmingham