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William S. Burroughs with a copy of Naked Lunch at the Beat Hotel, 1959

What’s New

William S. Burroughs, “California Men,” in In Touch magazine, has been added to the Men’s Magazines archive. Direct download here.

William Burroughs and Cigarettes by Jed Birmingham

Joshua Kotin contributes The Fuck You Press Cantos: A Census

Don’t Hide the Madness by Jed Birmingham

RealityStudio reviews William Burroughs’ “The Revised Boy Scout Manual”: An Electronic Revolution, forthcoming from Ohio State University Press.

CUT-UPS@60 is a conference to be held in London and Paris, September 2020, honoring the 60th anniversary of the invention of the cut-up technique. Watch this space for more detail.

RealityStudio is proud to make Michael Stevens’ The Road to Interzone: Reading William S. Burroughs Reading available as a free PDF download. Road to Interzone, a bibliography of Burroughs’ reading, is one of the indispensable reference works on the author.

The Top 23 Most Interesting Burroughs Collectibles (2015-2016) by Jed Birmingham