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Dan Lower
Feb 14 2010
2:07 pm

Thanks Jed, always the best Burroughs info around.
Love this piece by WSB. One of the best sixties cut-ups imo. As you say “pivotal”.
Been waiting a long time to hear this, so the mp3 section of the BB is very welcomed to this department as the man might have said.

The label which released the OU disks in 2002 that you mentioned was Alga Marghen was it not? If so, readers might be interested to know that Alga Marghen has released important recordings by Fluxus artists like Philip Corner among others. Fluxus to my mind was doing with sound what Burroughs was doing with writing and to a lesser extent with his recording cut-ups. Great stuff and Jed, as always please correct me if any of this is apocryphal in any way.
Best, Dan

Feb 14 2010
4:54 pm


You are right on with Alga Marghen. As for the Fluxus connection, check out this piece on Bulletin From Nothing


I mention the Valentine’s Day Reading as a Happening here, but Warhol seems on point as well, particular at this period 1962-1965.

Feb 16 2010
10:11 am

I find the OU disk recording to be a tough (but rewarding) listen. It’s shot through with that space-age blasting sound, kinda like the one used in Towers Open Fire. Slightly Jajoukan but WAAAAAY more assaulting to the senses. I used a vinyl converter to transfer the 10 ” to my iPOD. What would Burroughs think of us listening to his experiments on such hi-tech gadgetry?

Feb 17 2010
11:42 am

You should email the file or mail a CD to RS headquarters. I am having trouble getting my act together and purchasing a vinyl converter.

Dan Lower
Oct 18 2010
12:51 pm

Thanks for the reply Jed, as you can see I got this more than half a year later! I have part of the Valentine’s Day reading but couldn’t DL all of it :(
BIGCRUX, Jed is right. Please send it over to RS HQ ASAP, perhaps we could all benefit. I’m in the hole financially due to too many book purchases of late. Excuses, excuses…

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