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John Hoopes
Jan 15 2008
1:40 am

I have a nearly complete file (lacking only one issue) of another mimeograph magazine from the 60s called WILD DOG, 21 issues, which featured Ginsburg, Robert Duncan, Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov, LeRoi Jones (including a column “Apple Cores” under a pseudonym “Caliph John the Mississippi Shiek”), Ed Dorn (chief midwife to the mag) and many others of that school. Looking to sell it, interested in knowing what it might be worth. I was the originator and edited the first five issues. JOHN HOOPES

Marcel Fleiss
Dec 4 2012
4:51 am

I am looking for ” The Sinking Bear”
Does anyone have some numbers for sale ?

Larry Roberts
Sep 27 2013
10:19 am

Boo-Hooray has a limited edition reprint of The Sinking Bear.

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